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","datePosted":"2023-08-03T12:03:43.591Z","employmentType":[],"hiringOrganization":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Apicbase","sameAs":"https://get.apicbase.com","logo":"https://cdn.filestackcontent.com/XLJu59tlQr6HtyDUbOVF"},"jobLocation":{"@type":"Place","address":{"@type":"PostalAddress","addressLocality":"Antwerp, Belgium"}}}

Sales Development Representative



Sales & Business Development
Antwerp, Belgium
Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2023

Sales Development Representative

in Antwerpen

Who are we looking for?

Who are we? A strong growing scale-up! We are the specialist in developing software for the restaurant and catering industry. With our software, we take our fantastic customers to the next level when it comes to getting their entire food & beverage management under control. We are indispensable in helping them to pass orders, create inventory, calculate food cost, display allergens and so on! 

What will you do for us?

Generate and contact leads: you pro-actively contact prospective customers and get them excited about our fantastic software

You make appointments for our external sales who visit the customers/prospects

You assist customers with commercial questions

Qualifying leads obtained from marketing campaigns 

You will work together with the sales and marketing team on commercial actions

Who are you?

  • As a commercial assistant you have a natural commercial flair: convincing and negotiating are your "dada". 

  • Dutch is your mother tongue. Besides that you can express yourself very well in English (oral + written) Parlez-vous aussi le Français? C'est fantastique! 

  • You are a real "hunter" and know how to use a telephone conversation to convince a prospect to take the next step

  • You need stress to perform well 

  • You understand that the first thing to do is to listen carefully to the customer's needs 

  • Building a relationship of trust is an easy task for you

  • You have a passion for new technology and know how to convey your enthusiasm to your clients

  • Your goal is to grow in an interesting company. You always give it your best

  • Teamwork is important to you

  • Learning new computer programs is obvious to you

What do we offer?

  • An exciting job in a successful, growing scale up 

  • Opportunities for growth

  • The possibility to take on responsibility and grow into external sales (or other cool jobs internally) 

  • The chance to work with a great and cohesive team that is building the future of APICBASE together

  • An open insight into the world of a successful company 

  • Fun a volonté

  • A fair salary with growth options  

  • Meal vouchers of 8 euro 

  • Health insurance DKV 

  • Group insurance

  • Laptop

  • GSM + subscription

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